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Since June 2010, just a few months after my son was born, I started my personal blog Random Thoughts From A Random Woman

I set it up as a way of indulging my love of writing and being able to talk about my thoughts and feelings on becoming a Mum and turning 40 all in the same year.

The blog has gone from strength to strength with around 1000 unique views a months and is posted on many parenting sites including, Mumsnet, NetMums and BritMums, as well as across social media, and has readers from all over the world. As time has gone on I have widened the subjects I discuss, to not just parenthood but also current affairs, food, being in business, friendship and comedy, with my work now appearing on the UK blog pages of The Huffington Post.

In Autumn 2011 I was delighted that Random Thoughts From A Random Woman was discovered by Tesco's and I have been a guest blogger and reviewer for their online magazine. 

I have written a couple of guests blogs for other bloggers on becoming a Mum and on potty training but I am always keen to hear from other bloggers and happy to discuss guest blogging opportunities on my blog and theirs.

If you are a PR company representing a product or service you think would be relevant to my readers then I am always interested in discussing this. Just go to my Contact me page.

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