Business Blogging and Social Media

If you already have an established website for your business then driving traffic to it and attracting new visitors can be a concern.

A regular business blog is a great way of keeping your content fresh and stimulating renewed interest in your website. Writing a blog can take time, time away from your business, time you just can't spare. By George! can create weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog posts for your business. These can highlight certain products and services from your range, comment on news stories that might be linked to your business, talk about future projects or profile staff members.

The world is online and businesses now need a presence on social media to reach customers and show they are current and up to date.

An excellent way to promote your website is to post the business blog post on social media pages. This drives new traffic to your website on a more frequent basis.

By George! can set up and maintain Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for your business or discuss some of the other social media options such as Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest. If you have existing social media pages then I can take over the running of these or develop them alongside you to supplement and enhance your content.

Contact me to discuss how my business blogs and social media packages can assist your business.

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