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Any magazine, whether digital or printed, needs engaging content and articles. By George! can supply a variety of interesting and quality articles and reviews for your magazine.

I have written articles on a variety of subjects for Tesco Living Magazine, including reviews and articles on post natal depression and reviews for former local digital magazine Suffolk Days.

4 times a year I provide Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines ‘Closer Magazine’ with book reviews, articles and interviews. This magazine is sent to all their loyalty club members and is placed in every cabin of their fleet of four luxury cruise liners. The magazine has a circulation of approx. 150,000 people and a target market of guests aged 55+. 

Here is the link to where you’ll find my book reviews on page 49 and an interview with Frank Allen from the 60's pop group The Searchers on page 23 Fred.Olsen Closer Magazine Winter Edition Fred.Olsen Closer Magazine Winter 2014/2015 EditionIf you are a publisher who wishes to have your books reviewed then please Contact Me and I will be more than happy to help 

The British Comedy Guide is the go to website for all things comedy, with articles, reviews and detailed synopsis and episode guides of many of our favourite British sitcoms. I have had the pleasure of writing several articles for them, here's my latest about the 1970's character comedian Dick Emery

If you are an editor of a magazine and would like to chat about what I could contribute then please Contact Me

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